Expected Availability: Fall 2020

Fire Starting System

Convenient and Consistent Fire Starter. Surtr ejects and ignites a petroleum-pellet with one motion. Each pellet dispensed will stay on fire for several minutes. Surtr's magazine holds (4) pellets, offering multiple fires. "Fire-Starting System"

Surtr is the hand-held fire starter that when operated ejects a lit pellet. The pellet stays lit in all weather conditions for several minutes. Surtr has four petroleum-pellets in a magazine to offer users an ability to start multiple fires. Surtr combines a steel-striker, magnesium-rod and combustible tinder to offer the better solution to creating fire.

Surtr combines the operational process of creating sparks using a striker and magnesium-rod with the process of ejecting a petroleum-pellet to dispense lit tinder. This tool saves the user’s time compared to other fire starters. Surtr is consistent and offers a higher level of certainty when attempting to start a fire regardless of weather conditions.

When you’re using a fire starter during a survival situation, you want to spend the least amount of time and energy. If you take too long or fail to start a fire, your survival could be in jeopardy. Surtr is the fire-starting solution. When your life depends on a reliable, fire-starting tool, have the best.

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