Expected Availability: Fall 2020

Fighter Pilot Fire Starter

SCORE Former Chairperson Brian Mauden. 34 Years Jet Pilot, Colonel United States Air Force, assigned with many responsibilities in Pentagon, Air Force Safety Departments, Pilot Evaluations, Operational Support in Europe for over 7 years. Management experience at Law Firm, Accounting and Taxes Firm. Accounting Degree and United States Air Force Academy.


To Whom It May Concern:

Brian Mauden is a retired Colonel of the United State Air Force. He spent over 7 years with the Pentagon, and 7 years in Europe providing Operational Support. He was trained as a Jet Pilot and served in over 300 missions in Vietnam. He also was heavily involved in safety programs with the United States Air Force.

He has expressed that a device which will be a FIRE STARTER referred to as Surtr, would be beneficial when a pilot or other military person is in a survival situation. Having this device in the pilot or ground troops survival gear will improve their options on their safety in emergency conditions. Retired Colonel Mauden also expressed that any device submitted to the United Air Force had to meet all Air Force Safety Specifications and be tested in accordance with United States Air Force Standards.


Having Surtr could make a difference if a Pilot needs to create a fire in a survival situation. It is preferable to save time and energy by having a reliable fire-starting tool. Being able to quickly set up fire can provide mental focus to evaluate the situation and to avoid other dangers. Crashing in a remote location means that help will take time to get to you. The peace of mind from quickly producing a fire allows for more rational decision making. The user of Surtr can move locations without worrying about keeping a fire or tinder aflame. Without fire, it is possible to become lost or frozen.

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