Expected Availability: Fall 2020

What is Surtr?

Surtr is the hand-held fire starter that when operated ejects a lit pellet. The pellet stays lit in all weather conditions for several minutes. Surtr has four petroleum-pellets in a magazine to offer users an ability to start multiple fires. Surtr combines a steel-striker, magnesium-rod and combustible tinder to offer the better solution to creating fire.

Surtr combines the operational process of creating sparks using a striker and magnesium-rod with the process of ejecting a petroleum-pellet to dispense lit tinder. This tool saves the user’s time compared to other fire starters. Surtr is consistent and offers a higher level of certainty when attempting to start a fire regardless of weather conditions.

When you’re using a fire starter during a survival situation, you want to spend the least amount of time and energy. If you take too long or fail to start a fire, your survival could be in jeopardy. Surtr is the fire-starting solution. When your life depends on a reliable, fire-starting tool, have the best.


*Surtr is Patent Pending with 26 Claims of Novelty Submitted to the USPTO*



Surtr "Fire-Starting System" Figure 1

Yogesh Parikh, Owner at Brij, Systems LLC, has developed the first working mechanism for Surtr, LLC. This prototype can shoot a plastic pellet by sliding the operational knob (Figure 1: Number 2). The mechanism shows that sparks can be produced using a steel-rod and Magnesium Bar (Figure 1: Number 5) and that a pellet (Figure 1: Number 4) made of plastic could be loaded into a magazine (Figure1: Number 3) and shot out. Yogesh will be the Primary Investigator if selected for the SBIR Award. The “Box (Figure 1: Number 1)” needs to be able to repeatedly and consistently produce enough magnesium-sparks to ignite the pellet.
Once sparks can be created consistently, the device will need to create the correct amount of force to consistently eject a pellet. 

The overall objective of the proposal to develop the fire starter known as Surtr follows:

  1. Engineer a Surtr “Box” that can consistently produce sparks

  2. Test the Effectiveness of the Box to Create Sparks

  3. Engineer a Surtr “Box” that Consistently and Safely Ejects Projectile

  4. Test the Effectiveness of the Box to Consistently and Safely Eject Projectile

Phase I research will be restricted to showing feasibility of producing sparks consistently and to showing feasibility of consistently and safely ejecting a projectile. Investigation of mechanical soundness in operational environments will be undertaken Phase II.



Surtr is being engineered by Brij Systems, LLC in Wichita Kansas. Brij Systems is a DoD Aerospace Subcontractor and has been in business since 1992. Yogesh Parikh has been the Owner and Operator at Brij Systems since its creation. Yogesh was a professor at Wichita State University where he earned a PhD in Engineering.


North West Kansas Economic Innovation Center Inc. has loaned Surtr, LLC its funds to secure intellectual property and to develop a prototype (link). 




Service Core of Retired Executives (SCORE) Wichita, KS is heavily involved in the development of Surtr (link).


Bill Ellison, SCORE Senior Mentor, provides hours of consideration every Month. 

Senior SCORE Mentor William A Ellison. 40 years in manufacturing management, plant engineering, project expansion of multiple facilities, degree in Industrial Engineering, was site manager for Sherwin Williams, Pratt and Lambert, Ameron, and Enmar. Involved in relocating production requirements of 5 plant sites in Kansas City, Chicago, Sumter South Carolina, Buffalo New York to Wichita manufacturing location.


Ken Smith, SCORE Chairperson, is guiding Parker to develop the marketing plan.

Surtr, LLC is Owned and Operated by Parker Holterman.